Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation at the Summer's End

We, the entire Wimberley Family (except Granny JoJo), just returned from our annual summer vacation. This year we decided to go to Wimberley, TX and stay in the Hill Country at Vista Verde. It was a fantastic spot up in the hills (hills=mountains to true Texans) and was a great time to get away and relax. We filled our days by rocking on Rock Band, eating at Salt Lick BBQ and La Margarita, Going to Schlitterbahn, visiting neaby Gruene, and hanging out in Wimberley.

For Isaac's Birthday we bought tickets to the John Mayer show. We went to Goodfellas Pizza in Carrollton and then headed down to the show. The traffic was ridiculous, so we bailed and went to Top Golf instead.

We had a check up with Dr. Limosnero and she informed that Layla is doing great. She is an active little girl which is great because we have high hopes for her in the 2028 Olympics Gymnastics All-Around Competition.

God is so good and faithful. To Him be the Glory Forever.


katieface said...

Hi Isaac! I followed your link on your Facebook, and, well, here I am.

Hi Dru! It's nice to pseudo-meet you! I taught at Primrose in Las Colinas and met Isaac there, then ran into him a few times at church in Denton. Last I saw him, I told him Wimberley was an awesome town (best rock store when I was 7--I was going to be a geologist), so I'm glad you guys went there!

Anyway, it's showing signs that it's going to be winter soon up here in AK (new snow on the mountains and all), so hurray for scarf season. :]

Congrats on the pregnancy!

Micah & Amanda said...