Tuesday, July 22, 2008

19 weeks 4 days

So life has been moving extremely fast in the last 5 months and "change" has been a common theme within our new little family. The pregnancy is going as good as can be expected. Today we found out that it is a GIRL!!! Her name is Layla Blair and we are currently accepting applications for arranged marriages;)

Dru is doing a lot better, she is starting to feel Layla more and more each day. She has a lot more energy and the nausea has subsided. Our nights now consist of hanging with the dogs and viewings of The Sopranos (we are borrowing the first 5 seasons from Caleb and Beffy.) 

We have also welcomed another new addition to our family... Rock Band. Say what you want about tone quality or timbre, but Dru Nicole could pass as the lead singer of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. %100. 

Dru's brother Nick has moved back to Denton and has been hanging out around the house. It has been great for Dru to be able to see her brother more regularly. Isaac, Nick, Caleb, and Jabin went on a fishing trip last week with Papaw and caught 50 fish in about 2 hours. Well Nick caught about 47 and we caught the other 3, but who's counting. So Nick is officially the best fisherman that we know personally and not a bad fake drummer on rock band.

Isaac's job is going well. He loves the people he works with and loves the church. Dru has been enjoying the quietness of the school without the any of the students. Summer is flying by and soon enough Dru's days will be filled with band-aids, breathing treatments, and roll calls.
Life is good. All Glory belongs to the One who created. Watching our baby grow, family being closer to home, rocking out to rock band at 11pm, life is better because of Christ. 

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jonandbretaylor said...

Welcome to our crazy staff!! Glad you're here! And congrats on the baby! I didn't know! :)`