Sunday, December 21, 2008

LAYLA BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it has been a little while since we posted last and a few things have happened. The most important of these being that our daughter, Layla Blair, was born on December 4th at 9:33am, weighing in at 9lbs 15oz and measuring just shy of 23 inches. What a beautiful gift.

Here are some pictures of the newest Wimberley!!!!!

To God be the Glory Forever!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It is time for an update!!!

We are exactly 

From LAYLA BLAIR WIMBERLEY entering into this world!!!!!

We are just a little excited:)

Isaac has written the first of many songs for Layla. 
Here is a copy for your listening pleasure:)

Music Playlist at

Layla is doing well. Her little heart is pumping away and she is doing all of her fake breathing stuff. She is very healthy. 

Dru is looking forward to Thanksgiving break just to relax and enjoy some down time before Layla arrives and there is no down time. She is beautifully plump. 

Isaac recently went on staff retreat, which is a time that the staff at the Village Church get away for a week and seek the Lord. In between seeking the Lord and enjoying the peaceful surroundings of East Texas, he and his fellow guns'-n-roses cover bandmates, "Pistols-n-Pedals", managed to win the staff retreat talent show. They are so hardcore.

That is all for now, hopefully the next update will contain photos of Baby Layla:)
-The Wimberleys

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation at the Summer's End

We, the entire Wimberley Family (except Granny JoJo), just returned from our annual summer vacation. This year we decided to go to Wimberley, TX and stay in the Hill Country at Vista Verde. It was a fantastic spot up in the hills (hills=mountains to true Texans) and was a great time to get away and relax. We filled our days by rocking on Rock Band, eating at Salt Lick BBQ and La Margarita, Going to Schlitterbahn, visiting neaby Gruene, and hanging out in Wimberley.

For Isaac's Birthday we bought tickets to the John Mayer show. We went to Goodfellas Pizza in Carrollton and then headed down to the show. The traffic was ridiculous, so we bailed and went to Top Golf instead.

We had a check up with Dr. Limosnero and she informed that Layla is doing great. She is an active little girl which is great because we have high hopes for her in the 2028 Olympics Gymnastics All-Around Competition.

God is so good and faithful. To Him be the Glory Forever.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

19 weeks 4 days

So life has been moving extremely fast in the last 5 months and "change" has been a common theme within our new little family. The pregnancy is going as good as can be expected. Today we found out that it is a GIRL!!! Her name is Layla Blair and we are currently accepting applications for arranged marriages;)

Dru is doing a lot better, she is starting to feel Layla more and more each day. She has a lot more energy and the nausea has subsided. Our nights now consist of hanging with the dogs and viewings of The Sopranos (we are borrowing the first 5 seasons from Caleb and Beffy.) 

We have also welcomed another new addition to our family... Rock Band. Say what you want about tone quality or timbre, but Dru Nicole could pass as the lead singer of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. %100. 

Dru's brother Nick has moved back to Denton and has been hanging out around the house. It has been great for Dru to be able to see her brother more regularly. Isaac, Nick, Caleb, and Jabin went on a fishing trip last week with Papaw and caught 50 fish in about 2 hours. Well Nick caught about 47 and we caught the other 3, but who's counting. So Nick is officially the best fisherman that we know personally and not a bad fake drummer on rock band.

Isaac's job is going well. He loves the people he works with and loves the church. Dru has been enjoying the quietness of the school without the any of the students. Summer is flying by and soon enough Dru's days will be filled with band-aids, breathing treatments, and roll calls.
Life is good. All Glory belongs to the One who created. Watching our baby grow, family being closer to home, rocking out to rock band at 11pm, life is better because of Christ. 

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Life and Times

So life has moved rather quickly since we were married on December 28, 2007. Isaac experienced his first trip outside of America (excluding the walks over the border into Mexico at Progresso) and we both experienced our first nude beach. We did not partake in the nudeness, but it was a stop on our island tour of St. Maarten. 

We moved into our house in Denton, TX in late January and have tried our best to make it our home. 

With our new life as a married couple and a new home and new responsibilities and new challenges, we barely noticed that Dru was late for her monthly visit from FloRida. She took a home test and sure enough it was positive. We then went to see our OBGYN Dr. Limosnero, highly recommended, and she confirmed by showing us a blob with a heartbeat. 

We are now into our 14th week and were told last week by a High Risk OB that it was a baby girl. Now, we are not painting anything pink yet, but supposedly they are usually right.

Just yesterday, Dru thinks that she felt our baby move. AMAZING!!!!!!!

We also have other good news. Isaac found out on Wednesday that he is now part of the staff at our church, The Village Church in Highland Village. We are looking forward to the new career and exciting new places that God is taking our family. 
We are being taught many lessons through all of these changes and God is showing us that He loves us more than we deserve or can bear. To Him be the Glory forever.