Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It is time for an update!!!

We are exactly 

From LAYLA BLAIR WIMBERLEY entering into this world!!!!!

We are just a little excited:)

Isaac has written the first of many songs for Layla. 
Here is a copy for your listening pleasure:)

Music Playlist at

Layla is doing well. Her little heart is pumping away and she is doing all of her fake breathing stuff. She is very healthy. 

Dru is looking forward to Thanksgiving break just to relax and enjoy some down time before Layla arrives and there is no down time. She is beautifully plump. 

Isaac recently went on staff retreat, which is a time that the staff at the Village Church get away for a week and seek the Lord. In between seeking the Lord and enjoying the peaceful surroundings of East Texas, he and his fellow guns'-n-roses cover bandmates, "Pistols-n-Pedals", managed to win the staff retreat talent show. They are so hardcore.

That is all for now, hopefully the next update will contain photos of Baby Layla:)
-The Wimberleys