Saturday, June 7, 2008

Life and Times

So life has moved rather quickly since we were married on December 28, 2007. Isaac experienced his first trip outside of America (excluding the walks over the border into Mexico at Progresso) and we both experienced our first nude beach. We did not partake in the nudeness, but it was a stop on our island tour of St. Maarten. 

We moved into our house in Denton, TX in late January and have tried our best to make it our home. 

With our new life as a married couple and a new home and new responsibilities and new challenges, we barely noticed that Dru was late for her monthly visit from FloRida. She took a home test and sure enough it was positive. We then went to see our OBGYN Dr. Limosnero, highly recommended, and she confirmed by showing us a blob with a heartbeat. 

We are now into our 14th week and were told last week by a High Risk OB that it was a baby girl. Now, we are not painting anything pink yet, but supposedly they are usually right.

Just yesterday, Dru thinks that she felt our baby move. AMAZING!!!!!!!

We also have other good news. Isaac found out on Wednesday that he is now part of the staff at our church, The Village Church in Highland Village. We are looking forward to the new career and exciting new places that God is taking our family. 
We are being taught many lessons through all of these changes and God is showing us that He loves us more than we deserve or can bear. To Him be the Glory forever.